About John G. Kruth


John G. Kruth

I am the Executive Director of the Rhine Research Center and the Education Director and founder of the Rhine Education Center.  I have informally been studying parapsychology and psi phenomena for over 35 years, and have been a member of the Rhine Research Team since 2009.

A scientist, technology specialist, educator, and business leader, I have brought my organizational skills and abilities to the Rhine to provide the foundation for a global community of researchers and people who experience psi phenomena in their lives.  My research interests include healing techniques, intentional and unintentional PK, unconscious psi processes, physical manifestations of psi abilities in physiology and the environment, biophotons, and the personal accounts of people who experience psi.


2 thoughts on “About John G. Kruth

  1. Hello,
    I’m sorry sometimes when I write I leave out words and I don’t say what I meant to say. I meant to say I don’t feel safe but it’s not due to me thinking of ending my life anymore. At least I don’t think that way every day. The feeling of knives slashing all my organs constantly and everything that actually did occur was just too much for me to bear. The knife slashed the lady bird’s face. It was me.


    • Hello Cynthia.
      Your situation must be very trying and difficult to bear. The description of your symptoms is beyond the work that we study at the Rhine. You are progressing appropriately by contacting professional physicians and neurologists to help you to understand this situation. Though there are alternative treatments and activities that may help, it is essential to be under the care of a professional physician.

      I wish there were away for parapsychologists to help with this situation, but it is truly outside of our area of expertise. Continue to pursue treatments with your physicians, and if there are further steps you would like to take, you may be interested in speaking to an alternative therapist.

      Best of luck to you,. We all have our paths to follow, and yours seems difficult at this time. May be improve in the near future.



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